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  • Product name: QB - 328 Ultra - small Rotation Incubator
  • Product number: QB-328

Ultra - small design with a simple and beautiful structure.
Suitable for use in low temperature cabinet and constant temperature cabinet.
Angle of rotation can be adjusted and the horizontal position can be used for small mixing while the vertical
position can be used for complete mixing.
Rotation type speed regulation can arbitrarily set the mixing requirements of 10 - 80 rev / min.
You can choose to buy three kinds of tube fixtures with different sizes, which are suitable for different
sample cells.
It is used to process the suspended biology or the blood sample which requires for gas exchange.
It is equipped with simple fixtures which can be quickly installed or removed.


 Power supply:                                  220V
 Capacity:                                   40 W
 Temperature range:                             4℃-60℃
 Mixing angle:                           Can be adjusted freely
 Rotational velocity:                          5 - 80 turns / min
 Rotate speed control:              Knob type with step - less speed regulation
 Overall dimensions:                          240×210×310mm
 Standard configuration:         1.5ml*48 or 15ml*20 or 50ml*12 choose one of three——————————————————————————————————————————


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