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  • Product name: Vacuum Pump GL-805
  • Product number: 101

  The GL-805 Mini Desktop Vacuum Pump is designed for biological and chemical liquid absorbents.
The design is for a fluid pumping waste water treatment. It also applies to the cell culture process from
micro-centrifuge tubes and microplate pipettes. The supernatant recovers after centrifugation such as
RNA / DNA extraction; cleaning blot ; LISA experiments ; reagent remaining recovery; blot buffer ; absorb
excess liquid from slides or incubator ; pathogens recovered liquid ; cell staining .
The GL-805 is specially designed for anti-overflow protection. When the collection bottle is installed and
the collecting liquids reaches over 800CM, the air piston will rise and stand up on the liquid suction line
which will result in the blocking of the liquids from overflowing. This process will prevent the pumped
liquids from being sucked into the instruments interior. When the waste bottle is full, simply remove the
waste bottle by unscrewing the cap. This will result in the instrument having a very good protection which
extends the life of the instrument.
Our mini desktop vacuum pump is equipped with ABS plastic on the A tip and it can be used to support
the laboratory pipettes. The B suction head is also made of ABS plastic. The lower end of the 304 is
stainless steel molding made for alcohol or infrared light disinfection sterilization experiments. This makes
the use of this instrument very clean and flexible.

Standard configuration:
• Machine – 1 unit
• Waste bottles – 1 unit (1000ml)
• Aspiration silicone tube – 1 unit (original 1.5m)
• Special waste bottle spill protection - 1 set (with cap)
• ABS plastic pipette head a conical
• 304 stainless steel aspiration head – 1 unit (250 * 3mm)
• Pipette tips (with a conical head with a pipette) – 10 units (1000ml) / 10 units (200ml)



 Maximum vacuum :                              -800mbar
 Negative adjustment :                          -300 – -800 mbar
 The maximum pumping speed :                     6L / min ( no load )
 Aspiration bottle capacity :                            1000ml
 Dimensions :                              320*120*270mm


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