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Mini desktop vacuum pump GL-805 type


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Mini desktop vacuum pump GL-805 type

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Built-in oil-free dual-position electromagnetic pump


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This is a fast and economical solution for liquid waste disposal, a compact, integrated vacuum operating system that uses an independent vacuum source. The system is small in size and extremely flexible, providing the most comfortable desktop suction experience for your experiments.

Convenient and safe features of GL-805

★ Unpack the GL-805 desktop aspirator, take out the instrument, screw on the screw cap and plug in the power supply to use

★ The vacuum pump is very quiet when it is working, and the pumping power can be adjusted. A 0.22um polymer bacterial filter is installed on the effusion bottle and the pump body. The outer diameter of the filter is 55mm, the membrane diameter is 47mm, and the filtration accuracy is 0.22um, which can filter general bacteria.

★ It is very convenient to replace a full liquid collection bottle, just unscrew the lid and discard the waste in the bottle. GL-805 uses a standard screw-top blue cap bottle that is very easy to find in the laboratory, which is convenient

★ GL-805 is small in size and can be placed in any laboratory bench or laminar flow cabinet

★ The built-in anti-overflow device can effectively protect the liquid from entering the pump body. When the liquid rises and touches the buoy, the buoy will rise and support the gas collection pipe to prevent the liquid from being drawn into the pump. The instrument waste liquid collection bottle adopts a fence type Fixed to avoid accidentally touching the bottle and tipping over during operation.


Wide application of GL-805

★ Aspirate a small amount of liquid from a microcentrifuge tube/microplate

★ Recovery of supernatant after centrifugation (for example: RNA/DNA extraction)

★ Wash Western blot or Elisa test

★ Recovery of remaining reagents

★ Western Blotting Buffer

★ Extract excess liquid from slides or petri dishes

★ Liquid recovery of pathogenic bacteria

★ Cell staining, cell culture fluid extraction

★ When ordering, you can choose a dark brown collection bottle according to your needs (the standard configuration is a transparent blue cap bottle)


Friendly reminder:

1. After changing the collection bottle or draining the waste liquid from the collection bottle, please tighten the lid. If it is not tightened, it will cause air leakage during liquid suction and failure to suction liquid.

2. When the waste liquid is collected to 800ml, the waste liquid should be discarded in time, otherwise the waste liquid may be sucked into the instrument pump and damage the instrument. This behavior is not covered by the warranty. Please pay special attention when using it.

3. Please clean the tubing of the instrument frequently. If the tubing is not cleaned for a long time, some fungi may grow in the tubing and block the tubing and cause the inability to absorb liquid.






Adjustable vacuum range: -300 - -600mbar
Vacuum flow rate: 6L/min (no load)
Liquid suction speed: 15ml/s
Noise level: Less than 50db(A) within 1 meter
Overall size: 320*120*230mm (with collection bottle)
Collection bottle capacity: 1000ml
Using electric: 220V
Total Weight: 3.5KG

The product collection bottle has been specially installed with a liquid anti-overflow device. When the liquid rises and touches the buoy, the buoy will rise to withstand the gas pipeline. At this point, just discard the waste liquid and re-tighten the cap to continue working.


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